The Baby Swaddle sizes – size guide by age group:

  • Small GA < 23 – 26
  • Medium GA 27 – 32
  • Large GA 33 – 37

Baby Swaddle weight:

  • Small 39 – 41 g
  • Medium 47 – 49 g
  • Large GA 52 – 54 g

Sterilization methods:

  • Autoclaving (121° C) and ETO (ethylene oxide)


  • None since the Baby Swaddle is folded

Instructions for use:

  • The Baby Swaddle is wrapped around the child. The lift piece is assembled above the child by the handles.
  • Watch the tutorials before use.


  • The Baby Swaddle is X-ray compatible. This means that the child can be X-rayed while in the swaddle.

UV light therapy:

  • The child can be positioned on the Baby Swaddle but NOT wrapped in it, since the Baby Swaddle cannot be between the child and UV-light treatment as the material reduces light transmission by 2/3.


  • It is recommended to change the Baby Swaddle at least once a day
  • Det anbefales at skifte Svøbet når det er blevet beskidt med afføring eller andet.
  • It is recommended to change the Baby Swaddle when it becomes dirty with feces or other.
  • It is recommended to adjust the incubator and heating mattress temperature corresponding to the child’s body temperature when the child is wrapped in the Baby Swaddle.


  • When the child is carried in the Baby Swaddle lift piece, support the child’s head as it is heavier than the child’s body. Thus, the lift piece is kept in balance and the child does not fall out.
  • When you carry the child in the Baby Swaddle lift piece more than a couple of meters, keep the child close to your body. Thus maintaining the child’s sense of security.


  • The Baby Swaddle is disposed of as general waste after use. Do not flush it down the toilet.