The Baby Swaddle is suitable for children GA 23 – 38:

The Swaddle is available in 3 sizes. Age distribution compared to size of Swaddle is only a guide

  • Small      GA < 23 – 26
  • Medium GA 27 – 32
  • Large      GA 33 – 37

The Swaddle weight:

  • Small 39 – 41 g
  • Medium 47 – 49 g
  • Large GA 52 – 54 g

Sterilization methods:

  • Autoclave (121 degrees C) and EO (ethylenoxide)


  • None, as the Swaddle is folded.

Instruction manual:

  • The Swaddle piece is folded around the child. The lift piece is gathered over the child, in the handles.


  • The Swaddle is X-ray compatible. This means that the child can be x-rayed while positioned in the Swaddle.

UV-light therapy:

  • The child can be positioned on the Swaddle, but the Swaddle MUST NOT lie between child and the UV-light therapy, as the Swaddle material reduces the light transmission by 2/3.


  • It is recommended to change the Swaddle at least twice a day
  • It is recommended to change the Swaddle when the Swaddle is with feces and other things.
  • It is recommended to adjust the temperature in the incubator and the heating mattress according to the childs body temperature when the child is positioned in the Swaddle.


  • When the child is lifted in the Swaddle, always have a hand under the childs head, as it is heavier than the childs body. Balance the lift of the Swaddle so the child does not fall out.
  • When you move the child in the liftpiece of the Swaddle more than a couple of meters, hold the child close to your body, so the child feels the comfort.


  • The Swaddle is disposed of as regular garbage after use. Do not flush in the toilet.