The Baby WaterNest® is suitable for children:

  • Gestational age (GA) 23 – 38 weeks
  • Weight up to 3 kg
  • Crown Rump Length (CRL) Max 30 cm

Cleaning methods:

  • Daily cleaning of the Baby WaterNest® parts and the WaterCushions can be done with water and soap, or what normally is used in the hospital.
  • The Baby WaterNest® and the WaterCushions withstand cleaning with agents containg chloride and spirit.

Instruction manual:

  • The Baby WaterNest® CAN only be used in a pre-heated incubator.
  • The Baby WaterNest® should always be used with NMD Care Swaddle, as the characteristics of the water can easily be felt through the material of the Swaddle.
  • Both the Baby WaterNest® and the Swaddle are designed with exits for electrodes. Nursing of the child is therefore simplified by using both products together.


    • The Baby WaterNest® is NOT X-ray compatible
    • Lift the Child in the Swaddle, so the X-ray plate can be put on top of the Baby WaterNest® Mattress or the MattressCover, the child in the Swaddle is placed on top of the X-ray plate.


    • It is recommended that the Baby WaterNest® always is pre-heated in the incubator, ready for use.
    • It is recommended to adjust the temperature of the incubator according to childs body temperature when the child is in the Swaddle in the Baby WaterNest®.
    • Heat from the water will warm the body more that heat from the air, and the childs body will keep the temperature better when it lies with a Swaddle in the Baby WaterNest®.


    • Do not cut or stick in any of the of the Baby WaterNest® parts, either in the PUR elements or the Water elements.


    • The WaterNest is disposed of by secure incineration, i.e. at public environmentally approved waste incineration plants.