Our mission tells what it is we do for whom – our raison d’etre. While our vision is the compass for the company’s
development – our potential.


NMD Care is a company that identifies and develops hospital equipment which supports the premature children’s healthy and natural psychomotor development.

The aim is to provide products that simulates the original womb environment and stimulate the children according to their maturity (fetal age).

At the same time, we create products that facilitate care, intervention processes around the child and care for the child, for the staff and parents.

We are conscious of our products, materials and production. We are updated with the latest information so that customers can see that sustainability and quality is our brand.

Likewise, we focus on design and communication, so that customers experience our respect, credibility and aesthetics.


NMD Care want to be internationally recognized for our development of unique products that support preterm children’s healthy psychomotor development.

We want to help influence the professional attitude toward treatment of premature children. We will achieve this with new products and approaches, and new knowledge and research on the environmental impact on the premature child’s development and quality of life later on.

NMD Care will produce and sell to the global hospital market. We will create this opportunity through our professional knowledge about the children’s needs and working conditions for staff, wherever in the world we supply products.

The premise is competitive prices compared to alternative solutions, so that we will always be economically attractive to our customers.

NMD Care is an attractive, creative and extroverted company and a workplace for employees with pioneering spirit and feet on the ground. NMD Care joins The UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles www.unglobalcompact.org/what-is-gc/mission/principles