NMD Care co-operates with Danish subcontractors, which means that we have a close cooperation and mutual high-quality standards to both the raw materials as well as the finished items.

NMD Care is responsible for the entire mounting of the Baby WaterNest. All processes are done by hand, and we therefore have many quality tests during the process.

Baby WaterNest® contains of:

  • PUR 200 FLEX is Polyurethane Integral foam. PUR elements are color lacquered, which is UV and water protective
  • The TPU foil are the white cover and the white parts. TPU-foil contains water barrier.

The Baby WaterNest® has been tested at Institute of Technology

  • Emission of volatile organic substances (air pollution) also known as Degassing test. The Baby WaterNest® has been tested free from harmful substances and therefore does not give off neither Phthalates nor Formaldehyde.
    • PUR elements meet REACH and RoHS regulations according to 2002/95/EC and 2011/65/EU. 
  • Steam transmissions report. Measuring evaporation through the TPU-foil. Over time water los scan be expected, depending on temperature/humidity in the room in which it is used.
  • Efficacy testing against bacteria on Silicone glue applied on WaterNest. This test has been made in order to make sure that the silicone edges can be cleaned with a cloth and cleaning agents that contain spirit and chloride. Everything can be cleaned.